Medical Leadwires

ZMI designs and manufactures high-quality wire rods for customers of world-renowned medical equipment brands. Each medical wire is manufactured with a manufacturing process higher than the industry standard, which checks the reliability of each product, high quality and comprehensive design to provide customers with complete solutions.

Basic durability test: swing, plug, load, life tests.
Performance test: electrical characteristics such as continuity, ventilation volume, impedance matching, anti-interference, and insulation strength.

Patient Lead 

Can be customized with various electrode sheets according to needs
Electrode end: button / magnetic / plug and other standard or customized forms
Device end: audio connector / safety connector / DIN standard or customized form
Wire: Black / Red / Blue / Green / White and other standard or customized colors or styles (1 to 1, 1 to multiple)

Vacuum Leadwire 

Can be customized with suction or exhalation cup electrode according to needs 
Medical grade tube and lead (Strengh>10kg; bending>>3,000 times)
Standard Color: Black/Red/Grey/Blue/Green/White

Emergency Stop Cable 

Button End: Can be customized (Constant Open/Close)
Device End: Audio Jack/Safety Jack/DIN Connector
Life Time of Button>>10,000 times

Ultrasound Leadwire 

Can be customized
Probe End: Customized
Device End: DIN/RG58/CFD200 BNC RF connectors
Cable: Customized
Impedance: 48ohm/50ohm/75ohm/150ohm

Shortwave & Microwave Cables 

Can be customized
Probe End: Capacitive/Inductive with customized connector
Device End: ODU coated with silver 
Cable: High Voltage Silicone Rubber/EPDM Foam/RG58/CFD200BNC
Impedance: 48ohm/50ohm/75ohm/150ohm