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Ultrasound Thermal Therapy Device - Ultrasound Thermal Therapy
  • Ultrasound Thermal Therapy Device - Ultrasound Thermal Therapy

Ultrasound Thermal Therapy Device


Sound Energy Therapy

Ultrasound Thermal Therapy is a powerful therapy exceeding 20kHz, harness unique wave energy for thermal treatment, setting it apart from electromagnetic therapies. With distinctive qualities - penetration depth linked to frequency and enhanced permeability in comparable materials like subcutaneous fat - ultrasound stands out. ULS-1000 leverages these traits to effectively address peripheral nerve issues and shoulder discomfort. Experience targeted relief today.

  • Precision Depth Control for Enhanced Penetration.
  • Choice of Two Transducer Sizes (BNR <=5 or <=8).
  • Digital Screen Managed by Advanced Microprocessor.
  • Intuitive User Interface Displaying Treatment Parameters and Auto Self-Check.
  • Outstanding Biocompatibility and Performance Ratio.
  • Advanced Overheat Monitoring and Skin Contact Protection.
  • Store up to 20 Configurations with Memory Grouop Functionality.
Power SupplyAC 230V 50/60Hz
AC 110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption73 W (Max.)
Ultrasound Frequency1 MHz / 3 MHz
LCM4 line x 24 Character
Operation Temperature / Humidity0° ~ 40° / 90% RH below
Storage Temperature / Humidity-20° ~ 60° / 90% RH below
DimensionW 342mm x D 270mm x H 127mm
Net Weight7.2 kg
Frequency1 MHz 10% or 3 MHz 6.7%
Pulsed ModeOutput is continuous or pulsed. In pulse mode output is 100% square wave modulated. Power level is adjusted with intensity controls pulse amplitude.
Continuous ModeOutput is on as long as the timer has time remaining and the output control is turned up.
Product Certificates

CE Mark, Canada Medical Device License No. 83270, TFDA No. 001670

Ultrasound Thermal Therapy Device | Sterile and Non-Sterile Incontinence Probes for Modern Healthcare Solutions by ZMI

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Early ZMI mainly produced automotive constant speed controller. After several years, the company transformed into a medical equipment and components supplier, focusing on providing OEM and ODM services for internationally renowned medical equipment brands. The products include electrotherapy, phototherapy, sonotherapy, hyperthermia, force therapy and other equipment and accessories commonly used in physical therapy. The clinical applications cover neurology, rehabilitation, orthopedics, homecare and personalized medicine.

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