Medical Electrodes

Although it is inconspicuous, it is very important
A valuable medical device, if equipped with poor quality electrode accessories, not only fails to achieve the expected clinical efficacy, but also reduces the overall quality and brand loyalty of the user to the medical device provider.
ZMI's medical electrodes are made of low-impedance, high-comfort, uniform current distribution, skin-friendly and low-sensitivity materials (custom Logo laser engraving service, special packaging, application types).

Vacuum Cup Electrode

Metal Plate: Anti-bacteria Stainless Steel SUS303/304/316L Titanium 
Type: Suction/Ventri 
Excellent degree of vacuum and adhesion (specified by major brands)
Size: Diameter 3cm/6cm/9cm 
(ISO10993 compliance)

Medical Sponge Electrodes

Round Sponge (Compressed/Normal) used with vacuum cup 
Size: Diameter 3cm/6cm/6.5cm/9cm 
Pocket Sponge (Single/Double Layer) used with conductive rubber electrode
Size: 55x60/65x80/75x80/80x100/105x138 
Good water content, provide uniform current distribution, reduce electrical stimulation tingling sensation
Provides anti-bacterial treatment of Gamma and Gamma rays, which can extend the storage time
(ISO10993 compliance)



Shortwave Electrode & Neutral Electrode

Shortwave Diathermy Capacitive Electrode 
Type: Flat/Dots
Size: 120x180mm (Can be customized)
Material: High voltage silicone rubber
Connector: ODU coated with silver (can be customized)

RF Diathermy/RFA Monoploar
Stainless Steel; Provide customized designs such as edge silicone rubber coating
Size: 120x180/200x250mm 

Silicone Rubber Electrodes

Using low impedance conductive silicone rubber
Type: single layer conductive / double layer conductive / unipolar / bipolar / multipolar
Wire: hose / button / magnetic buckle and other customized styles
Can be used with conductive glue or water-containing sponge electrode to improve treatment comfort
(ISO10993 compliance)

Self-Adhesive Electrodes

Use high-quality skin-friendly low-sensitivity water glue (colorless / odorless / non-toxic / good viscosity)
Condutive Layer: Low Impedance Carbon film/Metal fabric/Conductive fabric
Type: Monopolar/Bipolar/Multipolar
Connector: Pin/Snap button/Magnetic button
Shape: Square/Rectangular/Round/Oval/Customized
Fabric: PU/Non-woven/Customized  
Performance: Low Impedance, Optimal Current dispersion, no hotspot, comfort without skin irritation
(ISO10993 compliance)