Specialized Accessories

All kinds of special medical accessories are tailor-made for customers according to the manufacturing process higher than the industry standard.

Focus on details, care about quality
All kinds of customized requirements entrusted by customers, as small as a wire buckle, as large as a circuit module, Jiemai can provide you with the most competitive solution. In order to ensure the overall quality and reliability of customer products, in addition to rigorous standardization to test the process, we will also provide additional quality verification services according to the different needs of customers.

Specialized Electrode Pen

Intended Use: Motor Point Trigger 
Handle: Insulation Rubber/Fountain Pen
Metal: Pen with sponge/conductive rubber
Connector: MC/2mm/4mm female (standard/customized)
Electrode Cap: 8mm/15mm (customized sponge) / conductive rubber cap

TECAR Diathermy

Intended Use: RF Diathermy
Electrode: CET (Capacitive) / RET Resistive
Polarity: Unipolar / Bipolar
Size: D40/D65/D80 
Ground Electrode: Return Plate
Material: Stainless Steel/Conductive Rubber 
Size: 80x120mm/150x200mm/200x280mm

PNES Needle Electrode

Intended Use: PENT (Precutaneous Electrolysis Needle Therapy) 
Ultrasound guided pre-cutaneous electrolysis stimulation  (Cathode) 
Needle: D0.3-0.5mm; Length: 30-50mm (spin to tight) 
Pen: Aluminum / Plastic Moulding
Trigger: ON/OFF
Connector: Safety DIN (Standard/Customized)

Specialized Shortwave Accessories

Intended Use: Impedance Matching
Each cotton bag can put in 1-3 max. wool spacer
Material: 100% Wool Good electromagnetic penetration and impedance buffer
Size: W142xL200xH10mm 
Used with the elastic strap to ensure the better fixation and impedance matching

Specialized Shortwave Applicator

Intended Use: Shortwave Diathermy 
Applicator: Inductive/Capacitive
Inductive Applicator:  Hi-Q D180mm 
Max. Output: 100 W (mean)
Capacitive Applicator:  D140mm 
Max. Output: 200W (mean); 400W (peak)