OEM/ODM Products

ZMI has many years of considerable OEM / ODM experience, and can provide customers with customized technical services, verification services, regulatory services, manufacturing services and after-sales maintenance services at various stages. Working with us, we set ourselves apart from the competition......

ZMI offers a wide range of service capabilities from initial design and development to final manufacturing services, offering customers the flexibility work with ZMI throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our specialty in moderate-volume manufacturing allows our customers the flexibility to change product specifications easily and efficiently.

When partnering with ZMI, customers benefit from our extensive research and development staff, allowing them to bring higher quality products to market faster and more cost-effectively. Our dedicated staff of electrical, mechanical, software, RF & biomedical engineers are at your service.

Customers can leverage ZMI's lower-cost, highly-skilled manufacturing environment in Asia to drive down costs, reduce overhead, reduce resources, and improve returns without sacrificing product quality or reliability.

PowerDot Muscle Stimulator EMS/TENS

The world first smart and wearable muscle stimulator  
Intended Use: EMS(Muscle Conditioning) and TENS(Pain Relief)
Easy to use, comprehensive training and recovery modes
Support iOS & Android platforms
Certification: US FDA/CE Mark/Taiwan FDA/Korean FDA/Health Canada MDL

CareWear Wearable Light Therapy

Intended Use: Muscle & soft tissue recovery, blood circulation
Using specialized wavelength and surface printing LED technology
Wavelength: 460nm (Red) / 820nm (Blue)
Patch: 4 kinds  
Certification: US FDA/CE Mark 

WalkAide Functional Electrical Stimulator (Footdrop)

Intended Use: Footdrop Aid  Gait Improvement
Stroke/Cerebral Palsy/Spinal Cord Injury/Nerve Damage
Need fitting with Physiotherapist for better gait
Waterproof design, AA battery driven, Durable, Clinical proved
Certification: US FDA/CE Mark/Japan PMDA/Taiwan FDA

CleanHearing Sono Tinnitus Therapy

Intended Use: Tinnitus Therapy
PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) 
Sound Masking & Tinnitus Retraining Therapy 
Need specialized controller and headset 
Certification:CE Mark

MTD4000 Spinal Decompression Therapy

Intended Use: Cervical & Lumbar Tractions 
Mode: Continuous/Intermittent
Output: 90kg/198lb
Time: 1-99 min
Function: Auto-Calibration/Manual Calibration
Certification: US FDA/CE Mark/Health Canada MDL/Taiwan FDA