ZMI (Zeigner Manufacturing Industry) was founded by a German American, Will Zeigner, and his Taiwanese wife Sara Chow. Early ZMI mainly produced automotive constant speed controller. After several years, the company transformed into a medical device and accessory supplier, focusing on OEM/ODM service for world leading medical device brands.

ZMI continues to dedicate efforts on the research and development, design, manufacture and support of equipment and accessories for the following fields: electrotherapy, photontherapy, sonotherapy, diathermy, traction therapy and other equipment and accessories commonly used in physical therapy. The clinical applications cover neurology, rehabilitation, orthopedics, otolaryngology, homecare and personalized medicine. ZMI has provided comprehensive services from product development to the manufacturing, providing complete product validation, and other professional services for medical device certification in various countries."


The company operates in a team-based manner, enabling each employee to focus on overall customer satisfaction and service. From development/design and procurement to manufacturing, assembly and delivery, we have excellent expertise in all aspects of production. We aim to provide the most comprehensive service with a focus on customer satisfaction and the highest value.

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer, ZMI does not own proprietary brands. Our customers have ownership of custom engineering including patents. State-of-the-art equipment ensures the quality of the product from prototype to production and is manufactured to your exact requirements.

ZMI provides complete technical support for your product. For our customers, the in-depth experience of our engineering team is a vital asset. We are experts in a wide range of applications, including advanced electronic system design and CAD printed circuit board layout. Our diverse capabilities and expertise ensure rapid turnaround of pre-production units and engineering prototypes.

ZMI continues to develop innovative design and production of excellent rehabilitation medical equipment, in addition to allowing medical professionals to use the very convenient and stable quality of reconstructed medical products, and then gradually enter the aging society in Taiwan and other countries in the world. It can also provide quality services for rehabilitation medical care, enabling users who need rehabilitation to have better quality of life and enhance life value.

Respect - Cooperation - Improvement

In the enterprise, the specialists pay special attention to the advantages of different personnel, and then communicate and cooperate with an open-minded attitude to pursue mutual progress and growth with each other.

On the other hand, outside the company, regardless of whether we have been working with suppliers or sales customers for a decade or two, ZMI is also respectful and confronts each other with different perspectives on the event, and then seeks to be good at each other. The advantages of the cooperation to develop production, so that the upstream and downstream supply chain can work together in this competitive environment, and pursue common progress.

EUDAMED CE (SRN: TW-MF-000003571 NB2460 DNV)
Health Canada MDL (ID:124828)
US FDA Registration (ID:9617486)
Taiwan FDA Registration (ID:GMP0233)
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